Additional Testimonials

Additional Testimonials

"I have never known a doctor more dedicated and more caring than doctor Miller. She has a calm spirit about her that makes me feel comfortable. Dr. Miller actually takes the time out to know a person's name, which means so much to me. She is great at what she does and I would recommend her to my friends, family and anyone else that needs great dental care!"
— Sade, Manhattan

"I went to Dr. Miller to get some dental work done. I needed to get some fillings and crowns done. Dr. Miller was very polite, professional and friendly. She made me feel very comfortable and was thorough with her work and in explaining everything to me. I am very happy with Dr. Miller and her work and I would definitely recommend her to my friends."
— Andy, Great Neck

"Dr. Miller is wonderful. She works with passion and delicateness; this is the kind of dentist I will recommend to friends."
— Emmanuel, Brooklyn

"I've always been nervous about going to the dentist, but Dr. Miller made me feel comfortable and calmed my nerves. My tooth had broken and I was scared of getting a root canal but everything went well. My tooth is saved after the root canal and now I am not nervous about the next step which is a crown for the tooth. I highly recommend Dr. Miller."
— Elizabeth, Manhattan

"I came in to see Dr. Miller for an emergency because I'd been having a toothache for a week. It turned out I needed a root canal. Dr. Miller explained the procedure before she started. She was diligent and her assistant was great. I will return to continue my treatment."
— Talia, Manhattan

"Dr. Miller was great. She was friendly and she explained the procedure and made me feel comfortable. She also had good input on my dental health. "
— Danielle, Bronx

"I needed more dental work than I expected, so I was a little nervous. But I'm very pleased with Dr. Miller's work and I'll return for sure for my follow-up. She also showed me how to brush and floss better, so hopefully I won't need as much done in the future. Like I said, though, I'll still come to see her for follow-ups. She's super nice, really patient, and smart. "
— Natalie, Manhattan